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    When Pubic hair style is chosen, you have to decide how to do it. There are 5 options:

1.    Shaving with blades;
2.    Shaving with electric razor;
3.    Using hair removing cream;
4.    Waxing;
5.    Laser hair remove.

How to shave pubic hairs using a blade:

1.    Trim the hair down as short as possible. (Razors don't cut long hair easily. If you try to shave long hair you will clog your razor and end up irritated.)
2.    Apply shaving lotion and work it into the hairs. (It helps soften hairs and makes them easier to shave. You can use also soup, but it is not the best option.)
3.    Use a sharp razor (dull razors will irritate your skin) to shave your hairs. (You should pass the razor over the skin in the same direction that the hairs normally point. Try not to stroke every area more than twice and rinse the blades very often to keep it from clogging up.)
If you are not satisfied with the closeness of the shave we suggest two things:

- Use a better or sharper razor, now also can buy razor with vibration function.
- If (and only if) you don't suffer from shaving irritation or ingrown hairs you can try to shave against the grain, but try don't do it without need. Ingrown pubic hairs can be painful and ugly.
4. Use aftershave and apply lotion to the area. You can also use baby oil.

How to make Bikini Waxing:

Waxing at salon:
If you don't want to spring for the full professional wax job, we can't blame you. It is fairly expensive and nobody really enjoy flashing goods to anyone that isn't a lover. Although it is a painful process, but wax job last for about 4 weeks.
If waxing is done by good professional, then it is less painful, because they know best way how to rip off hairs and after all it don't seems so bad beauty treatment at all.

Self waxing:
If you make waxing at home, be ready for long and painful process without guaranty for good result, because waxes are never as good as in salons and hard to reach all areas, even don't talking about pain what you are doing to yourself (it is always harder to do waxing for yourself). You can try to use wax stripes, but then use labeled: for sensitive skin or with aloe. Unfortunately, they don't work well and always miss some of the hairs so that you have wax again right away. Waxing the second time is more painful because your skin is all puffy, sore and swollen by then. You can buy the same wax they use at the salons but you have to buy a wax warmer and some other stuff.

Home made skin lightening cream

Lemon Juice

    One way to get rid of discolored skin patches is to use the juice from a freshly squeezed lemon; it is one oldest known home remedies to lighten the color of the skin. Applying the juice of the lemon on the skin helps in bleaching the hair present on the skin. Fresh lemon juice is natural and therefore does not clog your pores as would synthetic or mineral alternatives and its also easy on the pocket. Do bear in mind, however, that lemon juice has astringent properties which will dry the skin and in some cases can cause skin irritation, and hence you will need to ensure that you moisturize the skin regularly or use the lemon juice as a blend with a base oil such olive oil or almond oil.

Another home remedy

    Blend tomato juice and add a few drops of lime juice. You may also use fresh cucumber juice as an application on the skin. Cucumber juice can be left on the skin for overnight for quicker results.

    Another panacea for all kinds of skin problems is fresh aloe vera gel form the thick leaves of the aloe plant. Aloe vera gel is believed to be a splendid natural skin lightening agent and in combination with cucumber juice works just as well. Another tropical home remedy to lighten dark skin is to use fresh lemon juice with freshly ground sandalwood paste as an application for the entire body.

    Most home remedies are believed to be safe for use on all parts of the body, but please remember that none of these guarantee instant results.

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